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FOREX, also known as the foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world. Currency pairs such as EURUSD are traded on FOREX in order to profit from currency speculation.

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Binary options are the simplest trading tools. Compared to Forex, here you only choose the time and direction. Ex. in 1 minute the price will be higher and if it comes true you get a profit. Try it for free!


Cryptocurrencies are in trend. What would it be like to take advantage of buying and selling cryptocurrencies right from your computer?

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Also called “fixed profit options”, it is the simplest trading method in the world. You bet on the Increase or Decrease of the price for a certain period of time (eg 30 seconds), and if the move is true you get a profit of up to 91%, in case of a wrong prediction you only lose the transaction commission. Try on a virtual money account (demo) or on a Real account with at least $ 10.

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Risk Warning: Your capital may be at risk

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What is trading

By definition, trading involves the act of buying and selling goods, services or other assets. In order to produce a trading deed, there must be a good or service subject to trading, but also the buyer and the seller. Often the path to success in traditional trading is low demand. The good part is that in forex trading the demand and supply is almost unlimited. There will always be a seller and a buyer on the forex market to buy and sell the asset you trade.

Trading Online

Currently, internet trading also known as “Online Trading” is the most accessible and popular form of trading. This involves making transactions using a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone with internet connection, through a free software dedicated to trading, FREE software. Trading Online opens trading opportunities for every person interested in this activity without geographical restrictions.

Forex trading – The world biggest market

Forex market (foreign exchange market) or Forex Market also known as foreign exchange market , is the place where we make transactions PE market and currencies are traded in pairs . Ex. EURUSD. Where one EUR divided by a US dollar has a certain value (eg 1.1410), this value changes every second, and we as traders can take advantage of every move of this price. In the world of financial markets, control over the process is the factor that puts this type of trading above other areas of trading. Namely how much is the value of a point, or how much I allow myself to risk or how far I bet that the price will move so that I can take the profit. All this is possible in forex trading. Even more, in forex trading we can give orders to the market to open a certain order through the functions BUY Limit, Sell Limit, BUY Stop and Sell Stop . Using these orders we can order the trading platform to open an order for us either to buy or sell when the price reaches a certain point, or rather if the price reaches a certain point. point. Forex Trading is a field chiseled over time that offers us a lot of possibilities if we know its opportunities and functions but also if we operate correctly and responsibly. Otherwise, the forex market can bring certain financial losses if we are careless or more often willing to risk such games of chance. This is why forex trading always comes with a discalmer: the forex market can bring a significant risk “forex trading involves significant risk”. It is good to understand that the discamer is an international regulation, like the one on cigarette packs, but the risk in forex trading comes only from the actions that a trader takes and not from factors that do not depend on which trader, this is why we must have basic preparation before working on a real trading account.

Forex Trading - foreign exchange market

CFDs Trading

Contract for difference (CFD) is the most popular form of derivative trading. This involves trading the price and not the asset. In other words, if we open a CFD transaction to buy GOLD, we do not own that amount of gold, but we are in a transaction in which we quote on the price direction without entering into possession of the good.

About Forex Trading – Why Is Forex So Popular?

The forex market appeared with the transition from the spable to the floating course, and the interest in this market appeared with the advent of personal computers and internet access. In the 21st century, the ideal job is where you can stay with a laptop with internet connection. on the shores of a lake, analyze and open a transaction, which in a short time can bring you a profit of several hundred dollars. No superior, with flexible graphics and generous income that you receive right on your bank card. Everything one hundred percent online and independently. This is the dream job of most people and it seems that forex trading can provide this. Okay, you have to gain the necessary experience to reach this comfort, but this possibility exists, so there is a growing demand for this fascinating market.

Forex trading in Chisinau

Forex trading in Chisinau became popular in the early 2000s, but it went through a period of purification, so to speak. Initially, the market was invaded by unregulated brokers and then closer to 2010 on the forex market in Chisinau to appear licensed and regulated brokers. Fortunately, at the moment in the Republic of Moldova it is easy to have access to quality brokers where a calm and qualitative trading can be ensured.

Can Forex be profitable for me?

This activity should not be seen as a job where it counts how many hours for the schedule and you are paid depending on those hours worked. It is more like a personal business where the quality of the decisions made matters and not the time invested. That is why, it is important the seriousness of each market participant (trader) in the process of acquiring the basics of trading but also their application in practice. There are a lot of success stories in trading and to find yourself among them you need a lot of organization throughout the trading process. Price analysis, positioning outside the market and entering only at opportune times, balanced risk management and continuous information of the global economic situation are the key factors to become a successful trader.

Forex Trading Secrets

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All novice traders are looking for the ideal method of trading. That ideal combination, either math or technique, that shows you the direction of the price where you put $ 10 on a point and in a few minutes you take $ 1,000, turn off the computer and go to fun. The idea is that such a thing does not exist. The Forex market has a lot of factors that influence the market price and by no means can the market follow certain laws of price direction with such precision. The longer the trading periods are taken, the more predictable the movements are. To be clear, the trading strategy shows us the high probability of price movement and not where the price will move with certainty. There are no certainties in the analysis of the price of currency pairs. Therefore, every trader must first acquire the basics of trading and then develop his working strategy that corresponds to the investments, the availability and the level of risk that he is willing to assume.

Forex Brokers

Forex Brokers are the companies that make possible the access between the trader (the person who trades) and the banks that offer the quotations on the market. The profit of the forex broker is from each transaction made by the trader, this is called SPREAD. Just like in foreign exchange, on the FOREIGN MARKET you buy at one price and sell at another price, the difference is the commission that the exchange house receives. The quality of choosing the best from Forex Brokers plays a considerable role in the trading process of each trader. It is absolutely necessary for the broker to offer you quality trading services, for the orders to be executed quickly, for the quotations to be correct and updated and for the financial transactions (account deposits and profit withdrawal) to be performed without deductions.

Forex Market

Forex Trading in Romania and the Republic of Moldova

Forex trading and binary options in Romania became populated in the late 1990s and is gaining ground. much popularity from one year to another. The same can be said of the Republic of Moldova only that compared to Romania, in Moldova the regulations for trading currency pairs are not just as strict. We can say that in the meantime online trading has cleaned up due to competition, so brokers who proved to be serious have survived the market and gained a good reputation while offshore brokers have disappeared from local markets and offer only online services.

Forex trading platform

Previously, the forex market was traded by phone and paper, then with the transition to the online environment, trading software appeared. The most popular was for a long time Metatrader4. It is a software that brokers rent from MetaQuotes in exchange for a sum of money and is offered to its clients to carry out foreign exchange, futures and other transactions. More recently, to improve the trading process, brokers create their own trading software in which all the basic functions necessary for trading can be found.

Forex tools si Forex analysis tools

The term Forex tools represents the complexity of functions and offers the information that a trader has access to and uses them to perfect the market analysis process and automate the actual trading process. Among the trading tools are: Economic calendar, trading platform and its functions including technical analysis functions – Forex analysis tools. Forex analysis tools are in high demand for those who want to perfect their own trading process by using the whole set of trading tools for a better price prediction. On the other hand are the trading signals through the copy copying functions, which represent an exact copy of the transactions of an experienced trader.

FREE Forex Analysis Tools

Forex trading robots

Trading robots or Expert Advisior (EA) are scripts created based on a programmatic language to execute the trading platform, for example MetaTrader4. To execute certain orders when certain rules are met. For example, when the US trading session opens, open a EURUSD transaction for sale with a Stop Loss of 10 points (maximum loss) and Take Profit (maximum gain) of 100 points. This described strategy does not have much trading logic, but I have just given an example to understand what a forex trading robot is.

Start trading Forex

As with any new activity you first need to study the basics of trading then you need to try and practice on a free forex demo account – FREE demo account . The trading platform on the foreign exchange market is very intuitive and simple because of this many beginner traders even from the first days of trading on a demo account consider that they know everything and try on a real forex account. In this sense, I recommend you to follow all our online lessons to understand the basics of trading, the possibilities of profit but also the associated risks.

Open an account

What we need to know is that the trading account is FREE (FREE DEMO ACCOUNT) and has certain similarities and differences to a bank account. The similarity is that it is its own account and any amount added to that account can be restricted at any time by the account holder. The difference is that this trading account is opened through the broker and the amount available is the one you have in your account after closing all transactions.