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Buying cryptocurrencies BITCOIN, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and more. It has never been simpler and more accessible. Now you can buy cryptocurrencies with the help of a bank card with a minimum amount of only $ 10. The platform used by the broker allows you to make the purchase with just one click, providing a personal office through which you can manage the cryptocurrencies you own but also the simple and quick withdrawal of money from the account in case you want to sell. Try now on a free virtual money account or invest in the most popular electronic currencies of the moment.

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What is BlockChain?

Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin price or bitcoin price is the value at which a Bitcoin can be sold or bought at a certain time. The Bitcoin price is known as one with a very high volatility, which is why it is a very attractive financial instrument for traders around the world.

Bitcoin Account

Bitcoin trading account gives you the opportunity to speculate on the rise and fall of the Bitcoin price. Through the trading platform you have access to PRICE CHART (charts) where you can analyze the price direction and open orders in the bitcoin account you manage.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin – exchange

Bitcoin is traded against the US dollar, unlike currency pairs which as we know are traded in pairs.